Acura Lemon Law Information

Acura is a luxury vehicle division of the Honda vehicle manufacturers. Acura was brought to the United States in 1986 and was marketed as fast, high-performing luxury vehicles. Acura has had a reputation for manufacturing exactly what they marketed when they were founded, high-performing luxury vehicles. This was highlighted when they released a new Acura model during the Super Bowl 50, with a maximum speed of 205 miles per hour.

Even though Acura has a strong reputation for high-performing vehicles, unfortunately not all vehicles released into the market meet these high standards. It’s possible that as the owner of an Acura, you may experience the need to take your vehicle in for multiple repairs if you have the unfortunate luck of owning or leasing a lemon. Even more unfortunate is that some of these faults in the vehicle could put you and your passengers in an unsafe environment every time you get on the road. 

This means that your vehicle would qualify as a lemon under California and federal lemon law. If Acura is not capable of repairing the faults with your vehicle in a reasonable number of attempts (generally, this number is considered 2 repairs), you could possibly be entitled to file a lemon law claim to have your Acura refunded or replaced.