Nissan Lemon Law Information

Nissan Motor Company, casually referred to as Nissan, is a Japanese automobile manufacturer that sells their vehicles all over the world. Nissan sells and manufactures vehicles under another other common household vehicle brand called Infiniti in addition to Datsun. Nissan’s motto points to their fresh take on vehicles: “Innovation that excites.” In fact, Nissan recently revamped one of it’s best selling SUVs called the Nissan Rogue.

Playing to Nissan’s catchy motto, the newly redesigned Nissan Rogue offered a more modern look with innovative interior technology, all on top of improved driving function. However, this new model of the Nissan Rogue has unfortunately caused many consumers to experience growing pains as they have had repeated issues with the vehicle’s continuous variable transmission (CVT). Unfortunately, this is not the only Nissan vehicle model that has suffered from issues with their CVT. Other models that have experienced the same issues include the Altima, Pathfinder, Sentra, Versa, and other Infiniti models.

No one should be forced to drive a vehicle that puts their safety at risk, which is why lemon law has specific protections to assist consumers with getting rid of defective vehicles. If you feel you may be experiencing issues with your Nissan vehicle, speak with an experienced attorney who can help determine if your vehicle qualifies as a lemon.