Jeep Lemon Law Information

Jeep is an American automobile manufacturing company that is a subdivision of Stellantis and is part of the Chrysler vehicle manufacturer. Jeep is a unique vehicle manufacturer in that their vehicle models are only sport utility vehicles, but their SUVs are both crossovers, off-roaders, and most recently pickup trucks.

Though Jeep’s vehicle models are considered sports vehicles, many of their vehicles like the Jeep Grand Cherokee are considered luxury SUVs. Though Jeep is one of the most recognized brands with some of the most sought after vehicle models, there are inevitably some Jeep vehicles that qualify as lemons. In fact, one of Jeep’s vehicles that is more likely to qualify as a lemon is the Jeep Wrangler, which was recently recalled for some vehicles which may have had loose axle connections.

Don’t continue to put yourself and your passengers at risk if you believe you may be driving a vehicle that qualifies as a lemon. Speak with an experienced lemon law attorney who can help assess your situation and determine if you have a lemon law claim on your hands.