Toyota Lemon Law Information

Toyota Motor Corporation, commonly known as Toyota, is a Japanese vehicle manufacturer that successfully sells their models internationally and markets vehicles under both the brands Toyota and Lexus. Toyota is a household name recognized by people all over the world. In fact, Toyota is the biggest vehicle manufacturing company in the world, followed by Volkswagen. Additionally, Toyota was the first automobile manufacturing company to produce over 10 million automobiles a year, which it has consistently accomplished since the year 2012. Toyota is known for their leading sales in hybrid electric vehicles and was one of the biggest manufacturing companies that actively pushed for the mass uptake of hybrid vehicles all over the world to reduce carbon emissions.

However, despite how established Toyota is as the leading vehicle manufacturer in the world, it’s easy to see how manufacturing such high volumes of product results in releasing numerous lemons into the market. Recently, there was a recall for many Toyota and Lexus vehicles due to a fuel pump defect impacting many of their models.

If you’ve suffered from repeated attempts to repair your vehicle and suspect that you may have a lemon on your hands, speak with a lemon law attorney who can assist in determining your next steps.