Tesla Lemon Law Information

Tesla is an American electric vehicle manufacturer based in the Silicon Valley, but unlike other vehicle manufacturers, Tesla also specializes in manufacturing solar panels. Tesla has a unique company mission that strives to create a better and healthier world through reducing carbon emissions, and does so through developing futuristic and space-ship looking vehicle designs. Tesla created a market for luxury, high-end, high performing vehicles with the release of their first model, and by 2018 the Tesla Model 3 became the best selling luxury car and SUV in America. Because of Tesla’s rapid growth and popularity among car enthusiasts, they have established a reputation as an elite manufacturer across the globe. However, not all Teslas are made and released perfectly.

In reality, Tesla had to recall nearly 140,000 Model X and Model S automobiles that experienced repeated failure of the media control unit. This resulted in the loss of function for many important safety features of the vehicles.

If you own a Tesla and have experienced the need for an unreasonable amount of repairs, it’s likely that you are driving a lemon. You could be entitled to a refund or replacement vehicle, so speak with an experienced attorney who can assist with your next steps in filing a lemon law claim.