Chrysler Lemon Law Information

Chrysler is an automobile manufacturer based in the United States, and is known as one of the “Big Three” vehicle manufacturers in the country. Chrysler is a subsidiary of Stellantis North America, which sells automobiles under the names Jeep, Ram, and Dodge in addition to Chrysler. Because Chrysler is such a large vehicle manufacturer, it’s easy to see how quality issues can occur on such a large scale. 

Unfortunately, thousands of consumers every year either lease or purchase a Chrysler that’s defective. Some of these consumers are aware of their protections under lemon law and are able to successfully file a claim and receive a refund or replacement, but many consumers are unfamiliar with these protections. 

As a result of not understanding their rights as a consumer, many people continue to drive Chryslers without realizing that there is a solution to their constant need for repairs. 

If you lease or own a Chrysler vehicle that you’ve had to repair multiple times under warranty, don’t miss out on your right to file a lemon law claim and receive the refund or replacement vehicle that you are entitled to.