Subaru Lemon Law Information

Subaru is a Japanese vehicle manufacturer that works as a division of the conglomerate called the Subaru Corporation. Subaru has become very commonly known in the United States for sports and outdoors enthusiasts who look for vehicles that can travel cross country and carry heavy loads of outdoor and sporting equipment.

Though the U.S. market for Subaru is not as big as other competitors, their owners are dedicated to the brand and vehicles for their all-wheel drive, off-road abilities, and affordable sports car aesthetics. Additionally, Subarus are considered some of the safest vehicles on the market, earning some of the highest safety rating marks from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in 2021.

However, not all Subaru models come out of the manufacturing plant as safe as should be expected. In fact, Subaru has recently had to recall their vehicles due to inflation issues with airbags supplied from Takata. This is considered the largest recall in vehicle history and is impacting consumers all over the world. If you are concerned about repeated repairs that your Subaru vehicle has required or question the safety of your Subaru vehicle, speak with a skilled lemon law attorney who can help evaluate your situation and assist with next steps.