Ford Lemon Law Information

Ford Motor Company, more commonly referred to as Ford, is an international automobile manufacturing company based in the United States. After being founded in 1903, Ford has gone on to become one of the most profitable and most recognized vehicle manufacturing companies in the world. Ford manufacturers many commercial and personal use vehicles under the Ford brand name, but also manufactures luxury and higher end vehicles under the Lincoln brand name. 

Ford offers a wide range of models that can accommodate the needs of many individuals and families, including hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, trucks, vans, SUVs, sedans, etc. Because Ford produces cars on such a mass scale to bring in such high profits, many of their vehicles that have been and are currently on the road could possibly qualify as lemons. No vehicle manufacturer is immune to creating vehicles that qualify as lemons, and when cars are mass produced, it leaves room for error. 

If you drive a Ford vehicle and have experienced the need for multiple repairs under your warranty, it’s possible that your car qualifies as a lemon. You could be entitled to a refund or vehicle replacement under California lemon law, so don’t wait to contact a lemon law attorney who can help evaluate your situation and assist with filing a claim.