Hyundai Lemon Law Information

Though Hyundai Motor Company is a South Korean vehicle manufacturer, this company has become a household name for many car owners in the United States. Hyundai is an international automobile manufacturer that owns a third of another well known manufacturer called Kia Corporation. Many people would be surprised to know that in 2014, Hyundai sold over 700,000 cars in the United States. Luckily for consumers who own Hyundai’s, one of the main attractions to this brand is that they have arguably one of the most extensive car warranties on the market. Their warranty covers your vehicle for up to 10 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Because the eligibility for a vehicle to qualify as a lemon is dependent on the vehicle’s warranty, many Hyundai owners who have continuous issues with their vehicles are able to file a lemon law claim. Imagine, even if your vehicle is at 95,000 and is still under it’s 10 year warranty, you could be entitled to file a lemon law claim. Many people who own vehicles don’t realize that their vehicle qualifies as a lemon until it’s too late, but due to the length of Hyundai’s warranty, many of their vehicle owners do not have this issue.

Recently, some Hyundai owners have experienced their vehicles spontaneously catching on fire, not as the result of a collision. If you have experienced these spontaneous fires with your Hyundai vehicle, you likely have a strong lemon law claim and should contact an experienced attorney.