What Are the Most Common Lemon Defects?

Unfortunately, even though we trust our vehicles with our lives and our passengers’ lives every time we get on the road, not every car lives up to the manufacturer’s standards. In fact, it’s more common than you would think for cars to have sufficient defects during the time it’s covered under the manufacturer warranty. If you have had the unfortunate experience of taking your vehicle into the shop to be repaired numerous times and you feel that the value, safety, or use of your vehicle is impaired, it’s likely that you have a lemon on your hands. However, many people don’t realize that some common issues can occur while operating their vehicle that would qualify their vehicle as a lemon and make them eligible for replacement or refund. This is why consulting with an experienced lemon law attorney can be immensely beneficial because they are trained in building lemon law claims. If you feel you may be driving a lemon but are unsure, continue reading to learn more about common car defects that can occur that can qualify your car as a lemon. Once you feel you are ready to look into filing a lemon law claim…

What Defects Should I Look Out For?

There are some common threads that we typically see in lemon law cases when it comes to the types of defects that consumers attempt to have repaired under their vehicle warranty. However, consumers who are unfamiliar with lemon law or their rights as an owner or operator of a vehicle might not realize that some of these defects could qualify their car as a lemon. Below we’ve listed and described some of the most common defects experienced by owners of lemons.

Pedal Defects Related to Braking and Acceleration

This defect speaks strongly to the safety of your vehicle. If your pedals are in some way defective that impacts your ability to slow down or speed up the car, you are at higher risk on the road.

Air Conditioning Defects

Because California has one of the hottest climates in the U.S., air conditioning issues can be a serious detriment to the value and use of your vehicle.

Lock Defects

Oftentimes, people store valuable items in their car overnight or while running errands. Consumers should be able to trust that their vehicle locks are properly functioning so they can rest assured that nothing will be stolen and that your car will be intact when you return.

Battery or Engine Issues

A consumer should be able to trust that their engine and battery are running properly at all times. Defects in these essential car parts can be detrimental if something goes wrong on the road.

If You Believe You May Be Driving a Lemon,
Speak With an Attorney Today

Many people who operate vehicles are unfamiliar with the legal protections put in place to protect them from being taken advantage of by their car manufacturer. Manufacturers are large companies that often lack empathy for the smaller consumers who are impacted by defects in their vehicles. Having a skilled and experienced lemon law attorney on your team can help relieve some of the stress associated with filing lemon law claims in addition to helping put your best foot forward in court or arbitration. At California Lemon Attorneys, we are committed to standing by your side throughout the process of filing your lemon law claim and going up against big manufacturers so you can be confident at every step of the way. If you feel you may be driving a lemon and need your situation assessed by a lemon law attorney, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 310-922-1199 or email us at info@calemonattorneys.com for a free consultation.